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Improving Generalization of Meta-Learning With Inverted Regularization at Inner-Level

Lianzhe Wang · Shiji Zhou · Shanghang Zhang · Xu Chu · Heng Chang · Wenwu Zhu

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Despite the broad interest in meta-learning, the generalization problem remains one of the significant challenges in this field. Existing works focus on meta-generalization to unseen tasks at the meta-level by regularizing the meta-loss, while ignoring that adapted models may not generalize to the task domains at the adaptation level. In this paper, we propose a new regularization mechanism for meta-learning -- Minimax-Meta Regularization, which employs inverted regularization at the inner loop and ordinary regularization at the outer loop during training. In particular, the inner inverted regularization makes the adapted model more difficult to generalize to task domains; thus, optimizing the outer-loop loss forces the meta-model to learn meta-knowledge with better generalization. Theoretically, we prove that inverted regularization improves the meta-testing performance by reducing generalization errors. We conduct extensive experiments on the representative scenarios, and the results show that our method consistently improves the performance of meta-learning algorithms.

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