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Regularize Implicit Neural Representation by Itself

Zhemin Li · Hongxia Wang · Deyu Meng

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 196
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This paper proposes a regularizer called Implicit Neural Representation Regularizer (INRR) to improve the generalization ability of the Implicit Neural Representation (INR). The INR is a fully connected network that can represent signals with details not restricted by grid resolution. However, its generalization ability could be improved, especially with non-uniformly sampled data. The proposed INRR is based on learned Dirichlet Energy (DE) that measures similarities between rows/columns of the matrix. The smoothness of the Laplacian matrix is further integrated by parameterizing DE with a tiny INR. INRR improves the generalization of INR in signal representation by perfectly integrating the signal’s self-similarity with the smoothness of the Laplacian matrix. Through well-designed numerical experiments, the paper also reveals a series of properties derived from INRR, including momentum methods like convergence trajectory and multi-scale similarity. Moreover, the proposed method could improve the performance of other signal representation methods.

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