Deformable Mesh Transformer for 3D Human Mesh Recovery

Yusuke Yoshiyasu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 050


We present Deformable mesh transFormer (DeFormer), a novel vertex-based approach to monocular 3D human mesh recovery. DeFormer iteratively fits a body mesh model to an input image via a mesh alignment feedback loop formed within a transformer decoder that is equipped with efficient body mesh driven attention modules: 1) body sparse self-attention and 2) deformable mesh cross attention. As a result, DeFormer can effectively exploit high-resolution image feature maps and a dense mesh model which were computationally expensive to deal with in previous approaches using the standard transformer attention. Experimental results show that DeFormer achieves state-of-the-art performances on the Human3.6M and 3DPW benchmarks. Ablation study is also conducted to show the effectiveness of the DeFormer model designs for leveraging multi-scale feature maps. Code is available at

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