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NÜWA-LIP: Language-Guided Image Inpainting With Defect-Free VQGAN

Minheng Ni · Xiaoming Li · Wangmeng Zuo

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 175


Language-guided image inpainting aims to fill the defective regions of an image under the guidance of text while keeping the non-defective regions unchanged. However, directly encoding the defective images is prone to have an adverse effect on the non-defective regions, giving rise to distorted structures on non-defective parts. To better adapt the text guidance to the inpainting task, this paper proposes NÜWA-LIP, which involves defect-free VQGAN (DF-VQGAN) and a multi-perspective sequence-to-sequence module (MP-S2S). To be specific, DF-VQGAN introduces relative estimation to carefully control the receptive spreading, as well as symmetrical connections to protect structure details unchanged. For harmoniously embedding text guidance into the locally defective regions, MP-S2S is employed by aggregating the complementary perspectives from low-level pixels, high-level tokens as well as the text description. Experiments show that our DF-VQGAN effectively aids the inpainting process while avoiding unexpected changes in non-defective regions. Results on three open-domain benchmarks demonstrate the superior performance of our method against state-of-the-arts. Our code, datasets, and model will be made publicly available.

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