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MetaViewer: Towards a Unified Multi-View Representation

Ren Wang · Haoliang Sun · Yuling Ma · Xiaoming Xi · Yilong Yin

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 320


Existing multi-view representation learning methods typically follow a specific-to-uniform pipeline, extracting latent features from each view and then fusing or aligning them to obtain the unified object representation. However, the manually pre-specified fusion functions and aligning criteria could potentially degrade the quality of the derived representation. To overcome them, we propose a novel uniform-to-specific multi-view learning framework from a meta-learning perspective, where the unified representation no longer involves manual manipulation but is automatically derived from a meta-learner named MetaViewer. Specifically, we formulated the extraction and fusion of view-specific latent features as a nested optimization problem and solved it by using a bi-level optimization scheme. In this way, MetaViewer automatically fuses view-specific features into a unified one and learns the optimal fusion scheme by observing reconstruction processes from the unified to the specific over all views. Extensive experimental results in downstream classification and clustering tasks demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed method.

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