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Implicit View-Time Interpolation of Stereo Videos Using Multi-Plane Disparities and Non-Uniform Coordinates

Avinash Paliwal · Andrii Tsarov · Nima Khademi Kalantari

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In this paper, we propose an approach for view-time interpolation of stereo videos. Specifically, we build upon X-Fields that approximates an interpolatable mapping between the input coordinates and 2D RGB images using a convolutional decoder. Our main contribution is to analyze and identify the sources of the problems with using X-Fields in our application and propose novel techniques to overcome these challenges. Specifically, we observe that X-Fields struggles to implicitly interpolate the disparities for large baseline cameras. Therefore, we propose multi-plane disparities to reduce the spatial distance of the objects in the stereo views. Moreover, we propose non-uniform time coordinates to handle the non-linear and sudden motion spikes in videos. We additionally introduce several simple, but important, improvements over X-Fields. We demonstrate that our approach is able to produce better results than the state of the art, while running in near real-time rates and having low memory and storage costs.

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