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AUNet: Learning Relations Between Action Units for Face Forgery Detection

Weiming Bai · Yufan Liu · Zhipeng Zhang · Bing Li · Weiming Hu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 393


Face forgery detection becomes increasingly crucial due to the serious security issues caused by face manipulation techniques. Recent studies in deepfake detection have yielded promising results when the training and testing face forgeries are from the same domain. However, the problem remains challenging when one tries to generalize the detector to forgeries created by unseen methods during training. Observing that face manipulation may alter the relation between different facial action units (AU), we propose the Action Units Relation Learning framework to improve the generality of forgery detection. In specific, it consists of the Action Units Relation Transformer (ART) and the Tampered AU Prediction (TAP). The ART constructs the relation between different AUs with AU-agnostic Branch and AU-specific Branch, which complement each other and work together to exploit forgery clues. In the Tampered AU Prediction, we tamper AU-related regions at the image level and develop challenging pseudo samples at the feature level. The model is then trained to predict the tampered AU regions with the generated location-specific supervision. Experimental results demonstrate that our method can achieve state-of-the-art performance in both the in-dataset and cross-dataset evaluations.

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