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Image as a Foreign Language: BEiT Pretraining for Vision and Vision-Language Tasks

Wenhui Wang · Hangbo Bao · Li Dong · Johan Bjorck · Zhiliang Peng · Qiang Liu · Kriti Aggarwal · Owais Khan Mohammed · Saksham Singhal · Subhojit Som · Furu Wei

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 257


A big convergence of language, vision, and multimodal pretraining is emerging. In this work, we introduce a general-purpose multimodal foundation model BEiT-3, which achieves excellent transfer performance on both vision and vision-language tasks. Specifically, we advance the big convergence from three aspects: backbone architecture, pretraining task, and model scaling up. We use Multiway Transformers for general-purpose modeling, where the modular architecture enables both deep fusion and modality-specific encoding. Based on the shared backbone, we perform masked “language” modeling on images (Imglish), texts (English), and image-text pairs (“parallel sentences”) in a unified manner. Experimental results show that BEiT-3 obtains remarkable performance on object detection (COCO), semantic segmentation (ADE20K), image classification (ImageNet), visual reasoning (NLVR2), visual question answering (VQAv2), image captioning (COCO), and cross-modal retrieval (Flickr30K, COCO).

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