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Towards Robust Tampered Text Detection in Document Image: New Dataset and New Solution

Chenfan Qu · Chongyu Liu · Yuliang Liu · Xinhong Chen · Dezhi Peng · Fengjun Guo · Lianwen Jin

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Recently, tampered text detection in document image has attracted increasingly attention due to its essential role on information security. However, detecting visually consistent tampered text in photographed document images is still a main challenge. In this paper, we propose a novel framework to capture more fine-grained clues in complex scenarios for tampered text detection, termed as Document Tampering Detector (DTD), which consists of a Frequency Perception Head (FPH) to compensate the deficiencies caused by the inconspicuous visual features, and a Multi-view Iterative Decoder (MID) for fully utilizing the information of features in different scales. In addition, we design a new training paradigm, termed as Curriculum Learning for Tampering Detection (CLTD), which can address the confusion during the training procedure and thus to improve the robustness for image compression and the ability to generalize. To further facilitate the tampered text detection in document images, we construct a large-scale document image dataset, termed as DocTamper, which contains 170,000 document images of various types. Experiments demonstrate that our proposed DTD outperforms previous state-of-the-art by 9.2%, 26.3% and 12.3% in terms of F-measure on the DocTamper testing set, and the cross-domain testing sets of DocTamper-FCD and DocTamper-SCD, respectively. Codes and dataset will be available at

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