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Reliable and Interpretable Personalized Federated Learning

Zixuan Qin · Liu Yang · Qilong Wang · Yahong Han · Qinghua Hu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 375


Federated learning can coordinate multiple users to participate in data training while ensuring data privacy. The collaboration of multiple agents allows for a natural connection between federated learning and collective intelligence. When there are large differences in data distribution among clients, it is crucial for federated learning to design a reliable client selection strategy and an interpretable client communication framework to better utilize group knowledge. Herein, a reliable personalized federated learning approach, termed RIPFL, is proposed and fully interpreted from the perspective of social learning. RIPFL reliably selects and divides the clients involved in training such that each client can use different amounts of social information and more effectively communicate with other clients. Simultaneously, the method effectively integrates personal information with the social information generated by the global model from the perspective of Bayesian decision rules and evidence theory, enabling individuals to grow better with the help of collective wisdom. An interpretable federated learning mind is well scalable, and the experimental results indicate that the proposed method has superior robustness and accuracy than other state-of-the-art federated learning algorithms.

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