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Focused and Collaborative Feedback Integration for Interactive Image Segmentation

Qiaoqiao Wei · Hui Zhang · Jun-Hai Yong

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 207


Interactive image segmentation aims at obtaining a segmentation mask for an image using simple user annotations. During each round of interaction, the segmentation result from the previous round serves as feedback to guide the user’s annotation and provides dense prior information for the segmentation model, effectively acting as a bridge between interactions. Existing methods overlook the importance of feedback or simply concatenate it with the original input, leading to underutilization of feedback and an increase in the number of required annotations. To address this, we propose an approach called Focused and Collaborative Feedback Integration (FCFI) to fully exploit the feedback for click-based interactive image segmentation. FCFI first focuses on a local area around the new click and corrects the feedback based on the similarities of high-level features. It then alternately and collaboratively updates the feedback and deep features to integrate the feedback into the features. The efficacy and efficiency of FCFI were validated on four benchmarks, namely GrabCut, Berkeley, SBD, and DAVIS. Experimental results show that FCFI achieved new state-of-the-art performance with less computational overhead than previous methods. The source code is available at

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