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FIANCEE: Faster Inference of Adversarial Networks via Conditional Early Exits

Polina Karpikova · Ekaterina Radionova · Anastasia Yaschenko · Andrei Spiridonov · Leonid Kostyushko · Riccardo Fabbricatore · Aleksei Ivakhnenko

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 363


Generative DNNs are a powerful tool for image synthesis, but they are limited by their computational load. On the other hand, given a trained model and a task, e.g. faces generation within a range of characteristics, the output image quality will be unevenly distributed among images with different characteristics. It follows, that we might restrain the model’s complexity on some instances, maintaining a high quality. We propose a method for diminishing computations by adding so-called early exit branches to the original architecture, and dynamically switching the computational path depending on how difficult it will be to render the output. We apply our method on two different SOTA models performing generative tasks: generation from a semantic map, and cross reenactment of face expressions; showing it is able to output images with custom lower quality thresholds. For a threshold of LPIPS <=0.1, we diminish their computations by up to a half. This is especially relevant for real-time applications such as synthesis of faces, when quality loss needs to be contained, but most of the inputs need fewer computations than the complex instances.

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