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Residual Degradation Learning Unfolding Framework With Mixing Priors Across Spectral and Spatial for Compressive Spectral Imaging

Yubo Dong · Dahua Gao · Tian Qiu · Yuyan Li · Minxi Yang · Guangming Shi

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 158


To acquire a snapshot spectral image, coded aperture snapshot spectral imaging (CASSI) is proposed. A core problem of the CASSI system is to recover the reliable and fine underlying 3D spectral cube from the 2D measurement. By alternately solving a data subproblem and a prior subproblem, deep unfolding methods achieve good performance. However, in the data subproblem, the used sensing matrix is ill-suited for the real degradation process due to the device errors caused by phase aberration, distortion; in the prior subproblem, it is important to design a suitable model to jointly exploit both spatial and spectral priors. In this paper, we propose a Residual Degradation Learning Unfolding Framework (RDLUF), which bridges the gap between the sensing matrix and the degradation process. Moreover, a MixS2 Transformer is designed via mixing priors across spectral and spatial to strengthen the spectral-spatial representation capability. Finally, plugging the MixS2 Transformer into the RDLUF leads to an end-to-end trainable and interpretable neural network RDLUF-MixS2. Experimental results establish the superior performance of the proposed method over existing ones.

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