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PMatch: Paired Masked Image Modeling for Dense Geometric Matching

Shengjie Zhu · Xiaoming Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 124


Dense geometric matching determines the dense pixel-wise correspondence between a source and support image corresponding to the same 3D structure. Prior works employ an encoder of transformer blocks to correlate the two-frame features. However, existing monocular pretraining tasks, e.g., image classification, and masked image modeling (MIM), can not pretrain the cross-frame module, yielding less optimal performance. To resolve this, we reformulate the MIM from reconstructing a single masked image to reconstructing a pair of masked images, enabling the pretraining of transformer module. Additionally, we incorporate a decoder into pretraining for improved upsampling results. Further, to be robust to the textureless area, we propose a novel cross-frame global matching module (CFGM). Since the most textureless area is planar surfaces, we propose a homography loss to further regularize its learning. Combined together, we achieve the State-of-The-Art (SoTA) performance on geometric matching. Codes and models are available at

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