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RWSC-Fusion: Region-Wise Style-Controlled Fusion Network for the Prohibited X-Ray Security Image Synthesis

Luwen Duan · Min Wu · Lijian Mao · Jun Yin · Jianping Xiong · Xi Li

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 171


Automatic prohibited item detection in security inspection X-ray images is necessary for transportation.The abundance and diversity of the X-ray security images with prohibited item, termed as prohibited X-ray security images, are essential for training the detection model. In order to solve the data insufficiency, we propose a RegionWise Style-Controlled Fusion (RWSC-Fusion) network, which superimposes the prohibited items onto the normal X-ray security images, to synthesize the prohibited X-ray security images. The proposed RWSC-Fusion innovates both network structure and loss functions to generate more realistic X-ray security images. Specifically, a RWSCFusion module is designed to enable the region-wise fusion by controlling the appearance of the overlapping region with novel modulation parameters. In addition, an EdgeAttention (EA) module is proposed to effectively improve the sharpness of the synthetic images. As for the unsupervised loss function, we propose the Luminance loss in Logarithmic form (LL) and Correlation loss of Saturation Difference (CSD), to optimize the fused X-ray security images in terms of luminance and saturation. We evaluate the authenticity and the training effect of the synthetic X-ray security images on private and public SIXray dataset. The results confirm that our synthetic images are reliable enough to augment the prohibited Xray security images.

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