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ViTs for SITS: Vision Transformers for Satellite Image Time Series

Michail Tarasiou · Erik Chavez · Stefanos Zafeiriou

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 209


In this paper we introduce the Temporo-Spatial Vision Transformer (TSViT), a fully-attentional model for general Satellite Image Time Series (SITS) processing based on the Vision Transformer (ViT). TSViT splits a SITS record into non-overlapping patches in space and time which are tokenized and subsequently processed by a factorized temporo-spatial encoder. We argue, that in contrast to natural images, a temporal-then-spatial factorization is more intuitive for SITS processing and present experimental evidence for this claim. Additionally, we enhance the model’s discriminative power by introducing two novel mechanisms for acquisition-time-specific temporal positional encodings and multiple learnable class tokens. The effect of all novel design choices is evaluated through an extensive ablation study. Our proposed architecture achieves state-of-the-art performance, surpassing previous approaches by a significant margin in three publicly available SITS semantic segmentation and classification datasets. All model, training and evaluation codes can be found at

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