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ScaleKD: Distilling Scale-Aware Knowledge in Small Object Detector

Yichen Zhu · Qiqi Zhou · Ning Liu · Zhiyuan Xu · Zhicai Ou · Xiaofeng Mou · Jian Tang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 308


Despite the prominent success of general object detection, the performance and efficiency of Small Object Detection (SOD) are still unsatisfactory. Unlike existing works that struggle to balance the trade-off between inference speed and SOD performance, in this paper, we propose a novel Scale-aware Knowledge Distillation (ScaleKD), which transfers knowledge of a complex teacher model to a compact student model. We design two novel modules to boost the quality of knowledge transfer in distillation for SOD: 1) a scale-decoupled feature distillation module that disentangled teacher’s feature representation into multi-scale embedding that enables explicit feature mimicking of the student model on small objects. 2) a cross-scale assistant to refine the noisy and uninformative bounding boxes prediction student models, which can mislead the student model and impair the efficacy of knowledge distillation. A multi-scale cross-attention layer is established to capture the multi-scale semantic information to improve the student model. We conduct experiments on COCO and VisDrone datasets with diverse types of models, i.e., two-stage and one-stage detectors, to evaluate our proposed method. Our ScaleKD achieves superior performance on general detection performance and obtains spectacular improvement regarding the SOD performance.

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