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Learning Dynamic Style Kernels for Artistic Style Transfer

Wenju Xu · Chengjiang Long · Yongwei Nie

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 177


Arbitrary style transfer has been demonstrated to be efficient in artistic image generation. Previous methods either globally modulate the content feature ignoring local details, or overly focus on the local structure details leading to style leakage. In contrast to the literature, we propose a new scheme “style kernel” that learns spatially adaptive kernel for per-pixel stylization, where the convolutional kernels are dynamically generated from the global style-content aligned feature and then the learned kernels are applied to modulate the content feature at each spatial position. This new scheme allows flexible both global and local interactions between the content and style features such that the wanted styles can be easily transferred to the content image while at the same time the content structure can be easily preserved. To further enhance the flexibility of our style transfer method, we propose a Style Alignment Encoding (SAE) module complemented with a Content-based Gating Modulation (CGM) module for learning the dynamic style kernels in focusing regions. Extensive experiments strongly demonstrate that our proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art methods and exhibits superior performance in terms of visual quality and efficiency.

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