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Neural Transformation Fields for Arbitrary-Styled Font Generation

Bin Fu · Junjun He · Jianjun Wang · Yu Qiao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 175


Few-shot font generation (FFG), aiming at generating font images with a few samples, is an emerging topic in recent years due to the academic and commercial values. Typically, the FFG approaches follow the style-content disentanglement paradigm, which transfers the target font styles to characters by combining the content representations of source characters and the style codes of reference samples. Most existing methods attempt to increase font generation ability via exploring powerful style representations, which may be a sub-optimal solution for the FFG task due to the lack of modeling spatial transformation in transferring font styles. In this paper, we model font generation as a continuous transformation process from the source character image to the target font image via the creation and dissipation of font pixels, and embed the corresponding transformations into a neural transformation field. With the estimated transformation path, the neural transformation field generates a set of intermediate transformation results via the sampling process, and a font rendering formula is developed to accumulate them into the target font image. Extensive experiments show that our method achieves state-of-the-art performance on few-shot font generation task, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our proposed model. Our implementation is available at:

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