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Model Barrier: A Compact Un-Transferable Isolation Domain for Model Intellectual Property Protection

Lianyu Wang · Meng Wang · Daoqiang Zhang · Huazhu Fu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 380


As the scientific and technological achievements produced by human intellectual labor and computation cost, model intellectual property (IP) protection, which refers to preventing the usage of the well-trained model on an unauthorized domain, deserves further attention, so as to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of model owners and creators. To this end, we propose a novel compact un-transferable isolation domain (CUTI-domain), which acts as a model barrier to block illegal transferring from the authorized domain to the unauthorized domain. Specifically, CUTI-domain is investigated to block cross-domain transferring by highlighting private style features of the authorized domain and lead to the failure of recognition on unauthorized domains that contain irrelative private style features. Furthermore, depending on whether the unauthorized domain is known or not, two solutions of using CUTI-domain are provided: target-specified CUTI-domain and target-free CUTI-domain. Comprehensive experimental results on four digit datasets, CIFAR10 & STL10, and VisDA-2017 dataset, demonstrate that our CUTI-domain can be easily implemented with different backbones as a plug-and-play module and provides an efficient solution for model IP protection.

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