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Inversion-Based Style Transfer With Diffusion Models

Yuxin Zhang · Nisha Huang · Fan Tang · Haibin Huang · Chongyang Ma · Weiming Dong · Changsheng Xu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 183


The artistic style within a painting is the means of expression, which includes not only the painting material, colors, and brushstrokes, but also the high-level attributes, including semantic elements and object shapes. Previous arbitrary example-guided artistic image generation methods often fail to control shape changes or convey elements. Pre-trained text-to-image synthesis diffusion probabilistic models have achieved remarkable quality but often require extensive textual descriptions to accurately portray the attributes of a particular painting.The uniqueness of an artwork lies in the fact that it cannot be adequately explained with normal language. Our key idea is to learn the artistic style directly from a single painting and then guide the synthesis without providing complex textual descriptions. Specifically, we perceive style as a learnable textual description of a painting.We propose an inversion-based style transfer method (InST), which can efficiently and accurately learn the key information of an image, thus capturing and transferring the artistic style of a painting. We demonstrate the quality and efficiency of our method on numerous paintings of various artists and styles. Codes are available at

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