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DCFace: Synthetic Face Generation With Dual Condition Diffusion Model

Minchul Kim · Feng Liu · Anil Jain · Xiaoming Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 035


Generating synthetic datasets for training face recognition models is challenging because dataset generation entails more than creating high fidelity images. It involves generating multiple images of same subjects under different factors (e.g., variations in pose, illumination, expression, aging and occlusion) which follows the real image conditional distribution. Previous works have studied the generation of synthetic datasets using GAN or 3D models. In this work, we approach the problem from the aspect of combining subject appearance (ID) and external factor (style) conditions. These two conditions provide a direct way to control the inter-class and intra-class variations. To this end, we propose a Dual Condition Face Generator (DCFace) based on a diffusion model. Our novel Patch-wise style extractor and Time-step dependent ID loss enables DCFace to consistently produce face images of the same subject under different styles with precise control. Face recognition models trained on synthetic images from the proposed DCFace provide higher verification accuracies compared to previous works by 6.11% on average in 4 out of 5 test datasets, LFW, CFP-FP, CPLFW, AgeDB and CALFW. Model, code, and synthetic dataset are available at

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