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Compression-Aware Video Super-Resolution

Yingwei Wang · Takashi Isobe · Xu Jia · Xin Tao · Huchuan Lu · Yu-Wing Tai

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 192


Videos stored on mobile devices or delivered on the Internet are usually in compressed format and are of various unknown compression parameters, but most video super-resolution (VSR) methods often assume ideal inputs resulting in large performance gap between experimental settings and real-world applications. In spite of a few pioneering works being proposed recently to super-resolve the compressed videos, they are not specially designed to deal with videos of various levels of compression. In this paper, we propose a novel and practical compression-aware video super-resolution model, which could adapt its video enhancement process to the estimated compression level. A compression encoder is designed to model compression levels of input frames, and a base VSR model is then conditioned on the implicitly computed representation by inserting compression-aware modules. In addition, we propose to further strengthen the VSR model by taking full advantage of meta data that is embedded naturally in compressed video streams in the procedure of information fusion. Extensive experiments are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method on compressed VSR benchmarks.

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