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Learned Image Compression With Mixed Transformer-CNN Architectures

Jinming Liu · Heming Sun · Jiro Katto

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Learned image compression (LIC) methods have exhibited promising progress and superior rate-distortion performance compared with classical image compression standards. Most existing LIC methods are Convolutional Neural Networks-based (CNN-based) or Transformer-based, which have different advantages. Exploiting both advantages is a point worth exploring, which has two challenges: 1) how to effectively fuse the two methods? 2) how to achieve higher performance with a suitable complexity? In this paper, we propose an efficient parallel Transformer-CNN Mixture (TCM) block with a controllable complexity to incorporate the local modeling ability of CNN and the non-local modeling ability of transformers to improve the overall architecture of image compression models. Besides, inspired by the recent progress of entropy estimation models and attention modules, we propose a channel-wise entropy model with parameter-efficient swin-transformer-based attention (SWAtten) modules by using channel squeezing. Experimental results demonstrate our proposed method achieves state-of-the-art rate-distortion performances on three different resolution datasets (i.e., Kodak, Tecnick, CLIC Professional Validation) compared to existing LIC methods. The code is at

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