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CIRCLE: Capture in Rich Contextual Environments

João Pedro Araújo · Jiaman Li · Karthik Vetrivel · Rishi Agarwal · Jiajun Wu · Deepak Gopinath · Alexander William Clegg · Karen Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 058


Synthesizing 3D human motion in a contextual, ecological environment is important for simulating realistic activities people perform in the real world. However, conventional optics-based motion capture systems are not suited for simultaneously capturing human movements and complex scenes. The lack of rich contextual 3D human motion datasets presents a roadblock to creating high-quality generative human motion models. We propose a novel motion acquisition system in which the actor perceives and operates in a highly contextual virtual world while being motion captured in the real world. Our system enables rapid collection of high-quality human motion in highly diverse scenes, without the concern of occlusion or the need for physical scene construction in the real world. We present CIRCLE, a dataset containing 10 hours of full-body reaching motion from 5 subjects across nine scenes, paired with ego-centric information of the environment represented in various forms, such as RGBD videos. We use this dataset to train a model that generates human motion conditioned on scene information. Leveraging our dataset, the model learns to use ego-centric scene information to achieve nontrivial reaching tasks in the context of complex 3D scenes. To download the data please visit our website (

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