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Sound to Visual Scene Generation by Audio-to-Visual Latent Alignment

Kim Sung-Bin · Arda Senocak · Hyunwoo Ha · Andrew Owens · Tae-Hyun Oh

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 220


How does audio describe the world around us? In this paper, we propose a method for generating an image of a scene from sound. Our method addresses the challenges of dealing with the large gaps that often exist between sight and sound. We design a model that works by scheduling the learning procedure of each model component to associate audio-visual modalities despite their information gaps. The key idea is to enrich the audio features with visual information by learning to align audio to visual latent space. We translate the input audio to visual features, then use a pre-trained generator to produce an image. To further improve the quality of our generated images, we use sound source localization to select the audio-visual pairs that have strong cross-modal correlations. We obtain substantially better results on the VEGAS and VGGSound datasets than prior approaches. We also show that we can control our model’s predictions by applying simple manipulations to the input waveform, or to the latent space.

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