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Query-Dependent Video Representation for Moment Retrieval and Highlight Detection

WonJun Moon · Sangeek Hyun · SangUk Park · Dongchan Park · Jae-Pil Heo

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 231


Recently, video moment retrieval and highlight detection (MR/HD) are being spotlighted as the demand for video understanding is drastically increased. The key objective of MR/HD is to localize the moment and estimate clip-wise accordance level, i.e., saliency score, to the given text query. Although the recent transformer-based models brought some advances, we found that these methods do not fully exploit the information of a given query. For example, the relevance between text query and video contents is sometimes neglected when predicting the moment and its saliency. To tackle this issue, we introduce Query-Dependent DETR (QD-DETR), a detection transformer tailored for MR/HD. As we observe the insignificant role of a given query in transformer architectures, our encoding module starts with cross-attention layers to explicitly inject the context of text query into video representation. Then, to enhance the model’s capability of exploiting the query information, we manipulate the video-query pairs to produce irrelevant pairs. Such negative (irrelevant) video-query pairs are trained to yield low saliency scores, which in turn, encourages the model to estimate precise accordance between query-video pairs. Lastly, we present an input-adaptive saliency predictor which adaptively defines the criterion of saliency scores for the given video-query pairs. Our extensive studies verify the importance of building the query-dependent representation for MR/HD. Specifically, QD-DETR outperforms state-of-the-art methods on QVHighlights, TVSum, and Charades-STA datasets. Codes are available at

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