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Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging With Signal Superresolution Network

Jianyu Wang · Xintong Liu · Leping Xiao · Zuoqiang Shi · Lingyun Qiu · Xing Fu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 090


Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging aims at reconstructing the location, shape, albedo, and surface normal of the hidden object around the corner with measured transient data. Due to its strong potential in various fields, it has drawn much attention in recent years. However, long exposure time is not always available for applications such as auto-driving, which hinders the practical use of NLOS imaging. Although scanning fewer points can reduce the total measurement time, it also brings the problem of imaging quality degradation. This paper proposes a general learning-based pipeline for increasing imaging quality with only a few scanning points. We tailor a neural network to learn the operator that recovers a high spatial resolution signal. Experiments on synthetic and measured data indicate that the proposed method provides faithful reconstructions of the hidden scene under both confocal and non-confocal settings. Compared with original measurements, the acquisition of our approach is 16 times faster while maintaining similar reconstruction quality. Besides, the proposed pipeline can be applied directly to existing optical systems and imaging algorithms as a plug-in-and-play module. We believe the proposed pipeline is powerful in increasing the frame rate in NLOS video imaging.

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