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UTM: A Unified Multiple Object Tracking Model With Identity-Aware Feature Enhancement

Sisi You · Hantao Yao · Bing-Kun Bao · Changsheng Xu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 121


Recently, Multiple Object Tracking has achieved great success, which consists of object detection, feature embedding, and identity association. Existing methods apply the three-step or two-step paradigm to generate robust trajectories, where identity association is independent of other components. However, the independent identity association results in the identity-aware knowledge contained in the tracklet not be used to boost the detection and embedding modules. To overcome the limitations of existing methods, we introduce a novel Unified Tracking Model (UTM) to bridge those three components for generating a positive feedback loop with mutual benefits. The key insight of UTM is the Identity-Aware Feature Enhancement (IAFE), which is applied to bridge and benefit these three components by utilizing the identity-aware knowledge to boost detection and embedding. Formally, IAFE contains the Identity-Aware Boosting Attention (IABA) and the Identity-Aware Erasing Attention (IAEA), where IABA enhances the consistent regions between the current frame feature and identity-aware knowledge, and IAEA suppresses the distracted regions in the current frame feature. With better detections and embeddings, higher-quality tracklets can also be generated. Extensive experiments of public and private detections on three benchmarks demonstrate the robustness of UTM.

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