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ProTéGé: Untrimmed Pretraining for Video Temporal Grounding by Video Temporal Grounding

Lan Wang · Gaurav Mittal · Sandra Sajeev · Ye Yu · Matthew Hall · Vishnu Naresh Boddeti · Mei Chen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 234


Video temporal grounding (VTG) is the task of localizing a given natural language text query in an arbitrarily long untrimmed video. While the task involves untrimmed videos, all existing VTG methods leverage features from video backbones pretrained on trimmed videos. This is largely due to the lack of large-scale well-annotated VTG dataset to perform pretraining. As a result, the pretrained features lack a notion of temporal boundaries leading to the video-text alignment being less distinguishable between correct and incorrect locations. We present ProTéGé as the first method to perform VTG-based untrimmed pretraining to bridge the gap between trimmed pretrained backbones and downstream VTG tasks. ProTéGé reconfigures the HowTo100M dataset, with noisily correlated video-text pairs, into a VTG dataset and introduces a novel Video-Text Similarity-based Grounding Module and a pretraining objective to make pretraining robust to noise in HowTo100M. Extensive experiments on multiple datasets across downstream tasks with all variations of supervision validate that pretrained features from ProTéGé can significantly outperform features from trimmed pretrained backbones on VTG.

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