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Perspective Fields for Single Image Camera Calibration

Linyi Jin · Jianming Zhang · Yannick Hold-Geoffroy · Oliver Wang · Kevin Blackburn-Matzen · Matthew Sticha · David F. Fouhey

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 079
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Geometric camera calibration is often required for applications that understand the perspective of the image. We propose perspective fields as a representation that models the local perspective properties of an image. Perspective Fields contain per-pixel information about the camera view, parameterized as an up vector and a latitude value. This representation has a number of advantages as it makes minimal assumptions about the camera model and is invariant or equivariant to common image editing operations like cropping, warping, and rotation. It is also more interpretable and aligned with human perception. We train a neural network to predict Perspective Fields and the predicted Perspective Fields can be converted to calibration parameters easily. We demonstrate the robustness of our approach under various scenarios compared with camera calibration-based methods and show example applications in image compositing. Project page:

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