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HumanBench: Towards General Human-Centric Perception With Projector Assisted Pretraining

Shixiang Tang · Cheng Chen · Qingsong Xie · Meilin Chen · Yizhou Wang · Yuanzheng Ci · Lei Bai · Feng Zhu · Haiyang Yang · Li Yi · Rui Zhao · Wanli Ouyang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 130


Human-centric perceptions include a variety of vision tasks, which have widespread industrial applications, including surveillance, autonomous driving, and the metaverse. It is desirable to have a general pretrain model for versatile human-centric downstream tasks. This paper forges ahead along this path from the aspects of both benchmark and pretraining methods. Specifically, we propose a HumanBench based on existing datasets to comprehensively evaluate on the common ground the generalization abilities of different pretraining methods on 19 datasets from 6 diverse downstream tasks, including person ReID, pose estimation, human parsing, pedestrian attribute recognition, pedestrian detection, and crowd counting. To learn both coarse-grained and fine-grained knowledge in human bodies, we further propose a Projector AssisTed Hierarchical pretraining method (PATH) to learn diverse knowledge at different granularity levels. Comprehensive evaluations on HumanBench show that our PATH achieves new state-of-the-art results on 17 downstream datasets and on-par results on the other 2 datasets. The code will be publicly at

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