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Adaptive Spot-Guided Transformer for Consistent Local Feature Matching

Jiahuan Yu · Jiahao Chang · Jianfeng He · Tianzhu Zhang · Jiyang Yu · Feng Wu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 123


Local feature matching aims at finding correspondences between a pair of images. Although current detector-free methods leverage Transformer architecture to obtain an impressive performance, few works consider maintaining local consistency. Meanwhile, most methods struggle with large scale variations. To deal with the above issues, we propose Adaptive Spot-Guided Transformer (ASTR) for local feature matching, which jointly models the local consistency and scale variations in a unified coarse-to-fine architecture. The proposed ASTR enjoys several merits. First, we design a spot-guided aggregation module to avoid interfering with irrelevant areas during feature aggregation. Second, we design an adaptive scaling module to adjust the size of grids according to the calculated depth information at fine stage. Extensive experimental results on five standard benchmarks demonstrate that our ASTR performs favorably against state-of-the-art methods.Our code will be released on

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