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DINER: Depth-Aware Image-Based NEural Radiance Fields

Malte Prinzler · Otmar Hilliges · Justus Thies

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 010


We present Depth-aware Image-based NEural Radiance fields (DINER). Given a sparse set of RGB input views, we predict depth and feature maps to guide the reconstruction of a volumetric scene representation that allows us to render 3D objects under novel views. Specifically, we propose novel techniques to incorporate depth information into feature fusion and efficient scene sampling. In comparison to the previous state of the art, DINER achieves higher synthesis quality and can process input views with greater disparity. This allows us to capture scenes more completely without changing capturing hardware requirements and ultimately enables larger viewpoint changes during novel view synthesis. We evaluate our method by synthesizing novel views, both for human heads and for general objects, and observe significantly improved qualitative results and increased perceptual metrics compared to the previous state of the art.

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