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Linking Garment With Person via Semantically Associated Landmarks for Virtual Try-On

Keyu Yan · Tingwei Gao · Hui Zhang · Chengjun Xie

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 068


In this paper, a novel virtual try-on algorithm, dubbed SAL-VTON, is proposed, which links the garment with the person via semantically associated landmarks to alleviate misalignment. The semantically associated landmarks are a series of landmark pairs with the same local semantics on the in-shop garment image and the try-on image. Based on the semantically associated landmarks, SAL-VTON effectively models the local semantic association between garment and person, making up for the misalignment in the overall deformation of the garment. The outcome is achieved with a three-stage framework: 1) the semantically associated landmarks are estimated using the landmark localization model; 2) taking the landmarks as input, the warping model explicitly associates the corresponding parts of the garment and person for obtaining the local flow, thus refining the alignment in the global flow; 3) finally, a generator consumes the landmarks to better capture local semantics and control the try-on results.Moreover, we propose a new landmark dataset with a unified labelling rule of landmarks for diverse styles of garments. Extensive experimental results on popular datasets demonstrate that SAL-VTON can handle misalignment and outperform state-of-the-art methods both qualitatively and quantitatively. The dataset is available on

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