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ViLEM: Visual-Language Error Modeling for Image-Text Retrieval

Yuxin Chen · Zongyang Ma · Ziqi Zhang · Zhongang Qi · Chunfeng Yuan · Ying Shan · Bing Li · Weiming Hu · Xiaohu Qie · Jianping Wu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 265


Dominant pre-training works for image-text retrieval adopt “dual-encoder” architecture to enable high efficiency, where two encoders are used to extract image and text representations and contrastive learning is employed for global alignment. However, coarse-grained global alignment ignores detailed semantic associations between image and text. In this work, we propose a novel proxy task, named Visual-Language Error Modeling (ViLEM), to inject detailed image-text association into “dual-encoder” model by “proofreading” each word in the text against the corresponding image. Specifically, we first edit the image-paired text to automatically generate diverse plausible negative texts with pre-trained language models. ViLEM then enforces the model to discriminate the correctness of each word in the plausible negative texts and further correct the wrong words via resorting to image information. Furthermore, we propose a multi-granularity interaction framework to perform ViLEM via interacting text features with both global and local image features, which associates local text semantics with both high-level visual context and multi-level local visual information. Our method surpasses state-of-the-art “dual-encoder” methods by a large margin on the image-text retrieval task and significantly improves discriminativeness to local textual semantics. Our model can also generalize well to video-text retrieval.

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