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Active Finetuning: Exploiting Annotation Budget in the Pretraining-Finetuning Paradigm

Yichen Xie · Han Lu · Junchi Yan · Xiaokang Yang · Masayoshi Tomizuka · Wei Zhan

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 297


Given the large-scale data and the high annotation cost, pretraining-finetuning becomes a popular paradigm in multiple computer vision tasks. Previous research has covered both the unsupervised pretraining and supervised finetuning in this paradigm, while little attention is paid to exploiting the annotation budget for finetuning. To fill in this gap, we formally define this new active finetuning task focusing on the selection of samples for annotation in the pretraining-finetuning paradigm. We propose a novel method called ActiveFT for active finetuning task to select a subset of data distributing similarly with the entire unlabeled pool and maintaining enough diversity by optimizing a parametric model in the continuous space. We prove that the Earth Mover’s distance between the distributions of the selected subset and the entire data pool is also reduced in this process. Extensive experiments show the leading performance and high efficiency of ActiveFT superior to baselines on both image classification and semantic segmentation.

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