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B-Spline Texture Coefficients Estimator for Screen Content Image Super-Resolution

Byeonghyun Pak · Jaewon Lee · Kyong Hwan Jin

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 175
award Highlight
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Screen content images (SCIs) include many informative components, e.g., texts and graphics. Such content creates sharp edges or homogeneous areas, making a pixel distribution of SCI different from the natural image. Therefore, we need to properly handle the edges and textures to minimize information distortion of the contents when a display device’s resolution differs from SCIs. To achieve this goal, we propose an implicit neural representation using B-splines for screen content image super-resolution (SCI SR) with arbitrary scales. Our method extracts scaling, translating, and smoothing parameters of B-splines. The followed multi-layer perceptron (MLP) uses the estimated B-splines to recover high-resolution SCI. Our network outperforms both a transformer-based reconstruction and an implicit Fourier representation method in almost upscaling factor, thanks to the positive constraint and compact support of the B-spline basis. Moreover, our SR results are recognized as correct text letters with the highest confidence by a pre-trained scene text recognition network. Source code is available at

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