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Co-Salient Object Detection With Uncertainty-Aware Group Exchange-Masking

Yang Wu · Huihui Song · Bo Liu · Kaihua Zhang · Dong Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 300


The traditional definition of co-salient object detection (CoSOD) task is to segment the common salient objects in a group of relevant images. Existing CoSOD models by default adopt the group consensus assumption. This brings about model robustness defect under the condition of irrelevant images in the testing image group, which hinders the use of CoSOD models in real-world applications. To address this issue, this paper presents a group exchange-masking (GEM) strategy for robust CoSOD model learning. With two group of image containing different types of salient object as input, the GEM first selects a set of images from each group by the proposed learning based strategy, then these images are exchanged. The proposed feature extraction module considers both the uncertainty caused by the irrelevant images and group consensus in the remaining relevant images. We design a latent variable generator branch which is made of conditional variational autoencoder to generate uncertainly-based global stochastic features. A CoSOD transformer branch is devised to capture the correlation-based local features that contain the group consistency information. At last, the output of two branches are concatenated and fed into a transformer-based decoder, producing robust co-saliency prediction. Extensive evaluations on co-saliency detection with and without irrelevant images demonstrate the superiority of our method over a variety of state-of-the-art methods.

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