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Exploring and Exploiting Uncertainty for Incomplete Multi-View Classification

Mengyao Xie · Zongbo Han · Changqing Zhang · Yichen Bai · Qinghua Hu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 322


Classifying incomplete multi-view data is inevitable since arbitrary view missing widely exists in real-world applications. Although great progress has been achieved, existing incomplete multi-view methods are still difficult to obtain a trustworthy prediction due to the relatively high uncertainty nature of missing views. First, the missing view is of high uncertainty, and thus it is not reasonable to provide a single deterministic imputation. Second, the quality of the imputed data itself is of high uncertainty. To explore and exploit the uncertainty, we propose an Uncertainty-induced Incomplete Multi-View Data Classification (UIMC) model to classify the incomplete multi-view data under a stable and reliable framework. We construct a distribution and sample multiple times to characterize the uncertainty of missing views, and adaptively utilize them according to the sampling quality. Accordingly, the proposed method realizes more perceivable imputation and controllable fusion. Specifically, we model each missing data with a distribution conditioning on the available views and thus introducing uncertainty. Then an evidence-based fusion strategy is employed to guarantee the trustworthy integration of the imputed views. Extensive experiments are conducted on multiple benchmark data sets and our method establishes a state-of-the-art performance in terms of both performance and trustworthiness.

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