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Probabilistic Prompt Learning for Dense Prediction

Hyeongjun Kwon · Taeyong Song · Somi Jeong · Jin Kim · Jinhyun Jang · Kwanghoon Sohn

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 252


Recent progress in deterministic prompt learning has become a promising alternative to various downstream vision tasks, enabling models to learn powerful visual representations with the help of pre-trained vision-language models. However, this approach results in limited performance for dense prediction tasks that require handling more complex and diverse objects, since a single and deterministic description cannot sufficiently represent the entire image. In this paper, we present a novel probabilistic prompt learning to fully exploit the vision-language knowledge in dense prediction tasks. First, we introduce learnable class-agnostic attribute prompts to describe universal attributes across the object class. The attributes are combined with class information and visual-context knowledge to define the class-specific textual distribution. Text representations are sampled and used to guide the dense prediction task using the probabilistic pixel-text matching loss, enhancing the stability and generalization capability of the proposed method. Extensive experiments on different dense prediction tasks and ablation studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method.

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