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Dynamic Graph Learning With Content-Guided Spatial-Frequency Relation Reasoning for Deepfake Detection

Yuan Wang · Kun Yu · Chen Chen · Xiyuan Hu · Silong Peng

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 301


With the springing up of face synthesis techniques, it is prominent in need to develop powerful face forgery detection methods due to security concerns. Some existing methods attempt to employ auxiliary frequency-aware information combined with CNN backbones to discover the forged clues. Due to the inadequate information interaction with image content, the extracted frequency features are thus spatially irrelavant, struggling to generalize well on increasingly realistic counterfeit types. To address this issue, we propose a Spatial-Frequency Dynamic Graph method to exploit the relation-aware features in spatial and frequency domains via dynamic graph learning. To this end, we introduce three well-designed components: 1) Content-guided Adaptive Frequency Extraction module to mine the content-adaptive forged frequency clues. 2) Multiple Domains Attention Map Learning module to enrich the spatial-frequency contextual features with multiscale attention maps. 3) Dynamic Graph Spatial-Frequency Feature Fusion Network to explore the high-order relation of spatial and frequency features. Extensive experiments on several benchmark show that our proposed method sustainedly exceeds the state-of-the-arts by a considerable margin.

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