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OSAN: A One-Stage Alignment Network To Unify Multimodal Alignment and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Ye Liu · Lingfeng Qiao · Changchong Lu · Di Yin · Chen Lin · Haoyuan Peng · Bo Ren

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Extending from unimodal to multimodal is a critical challenge for unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA). Two major problems emerge in unsupervised multimodal domain adaptation: domain adaptation and modality alignment. An intuitive way to handle these two problems is to fulfill these tasks in two separate stages: aligning modalities followed by domain adaptation, or vice versa. However, domains and modalities are not associated in most existing two-stage studies, and the relationship between them is not leveraged which can provide complementary information to each other. In this paper, we unify these two stages into one to align domains and modalities simultaneously. In our model, a tensor-based alignment module (TAL) is presented to explore the relationship between domains and modalities. By this means, domains and modalities can interact sufficiently and guide them to utilize complementary information for better results. Furthermore, to establish a bridge between domains, a dynamic domain generator (DDG) module is proposed to build transitional samples by mixing the shared information of two domains in a self-supervised manner, which helps our model learn a domain-invariant common representation space. Extensive experiments prove that our method can achieve superior performance in two real-world applications. The code will be publicly available.

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