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STMT: A Spatial-Temporal Mesh Transformer for MoCap-Based Action Recognition

Xiaoyu Zhu · Po-Yao Huang · Junwei Liang · Celso M. de Melo · Alexander G. Hauptmann

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 145


We study the problem of human action recognition using motion capture (MoCap) sequences. Unlike existing techniques that take multiple manual steps to derive standardized skeleton representations as model input, we propose a novel Spatial-Temporal Mesh Transformer (STMT) to directly model the mesh sequences. The model uses a hierarchical transformer with intra-frame off-set attention and inter-frame self-attention. The attention mechanism allows the model to freely attend between any two vertex patches to learn non-local relationships in the spatial-temporal domain. Masked vertex modeling and future frame prediction are used as two self-supervised tasks to fully activate the bi-directional and auto-regressive attention in our hierarchical transformer. The proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance compared to skeleton-based and point-cloud-based models on common MoCap benchmarks. Code is available at

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