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Zero-Shot Dual-Lens Super-Resolution

Ruikang Xu · Mingde Yao · Zhiwei Xiong

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 086


The asymmetric dual-lens configuration is commonly available on mobile devices nowadays, which naturally stores a pair of wide-angle and telephoto images of the same scene to support realistic super-resolution (SR). Even on the same device, however, the degradation for modeling realistic SR is image-specific due to the unknown acquisition process (e.g., tiny camera motion). In this paper, we propose a zero-shot solution for dual-lens SR (ZeDuSR), where only the dual-lens pair at test time is used to learn an image-specific SR model. As such, ZeDuSR adapts itself to the current scene without using external training data, and thus gets rid of generalization difficulty. However, there are two major challenges to achieving this goal: 1) dual-lens alignment while keeping the realistic degradation, and 2) effective usage of highly limited training data. To overcome these two challenges, we propose a degradation-invariant alignment method and a degradation-aware training strategy to fully exploit the information within a single dual-lens pair. Extensive experiments validate the superiority of ZeDuSR over existing solutions on both synthesized and real-world dual-lens datasets.

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