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TransFlow: Transformer As Flow Learner

Yawen Lu · Qifan Wang · Siqi Ma · Tong Geng · Yingjie Victor Chen · Huaijin Chen · Dongfang Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 151
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Optical flow is an indispensable building block for various important computer vision tasks, including motion estimation, object tracking, and disparity measurement. In this work, we propose TransFlow, a pure transformer architecture for optical flow estimation. Compared to dominant CNN-based methods, TransFlow demonstrates three advantages. First, it provides more accurate correlation and trustworthy matching in flow estimation by utilizing spatial self-attention and cross-attention mechanisms between adjacent frames to effectively capture global dependencies; Second, it recovers more compromised information (e.g., occlusion and motion blur) in flow estimation through long-range temporal association in dynamic scenes; Third, it enables a concise self-learning paradigm and effectively eliminate the complex and laborious multi-stage pre-training procedures. We achieve the state-of-the-art results on the Sintel, KITTI-15, as well as several downstream tasks, including video object detection, interpolation and stabilization. For its efficacy, we hope TransFlow could serve as a flexible baseline for optical flow estimation.

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