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Complete 3D Human Reconstruction From a Single Incomplete Image

Junying Wang · Jae Shin Yoon · Tuanfeng Y. Wang · Krishna Kumar Singh · Ulrich Neumann

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 050


This paper presents a method to reconstruct a complete human geometry and texture from an image of a person with only partial body observed, e.g., a torso. The core challenge arises from the occlusion: there exists no pixel to reconstruct where many existing single-view human reconstruction methods are not designed to handle such invisible parts, leading to missing data in 3D. To address this challenge, we introduce a novel coarse-to-fine human reconstruction framework. For coarse reconstruction, explicit volumetric features are learned to generate a complete human geometry with 3D convolutional neural networks conditioned by a 3D body model and the style features from visible parts. An implicit network combines the learned 3D features with the high-quality surface normals enhanced from multiview to produce fine local details, e.g., high-frequency wrinkles. Finally, we perform progressive texture inpainting to reconstruct a complete appearance of the person in a view-consistent way, which is not possible without the reconstruction of a complete geometry. In experiments, we demonstrate that our method can reconstruct high-quality 3D humans, which is robust to occlusion.

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