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Recurrent Homography Estimation Using Homography-Guided Image Warping and Focus Transformer

Si-Yuan Cao · Runmin Zhang · Lun Luo · Beinan Yu · Zehua Sheng · Junwei Li · Hui-Liang Shen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 153


We propose the Recurrent homography estimation framework using Homography-guided image Warping and Focus transformer (FocusFormer), named RHWF. Both being appropriately absorbed into the recurrent framework, the homography-guided image warping progressively enhances the feature consistency and the attention-focusing mechanism in FocusFormer aggregates the intra-inter correspondence in a global->nonlocal->local manner. Thanks to the above strategies, RHWF ranks top in accuracy on a variety of datasets, including the challenging cross-resolution and cross-modal ones. Meanwhile, benefiting from the recurrent framework, RHWF achieves parameter efficiency despite the transformer architecture. Compared to previous state-of-the-art approaches LocalTrans and IHN, RHWF reduces the mean average corner error (MACE) by about 70% and 38.1% on the MSCOCO dataset, while saving the parameter costs by 86.5% and 24.6%. Similar to the previous works, RHWF can also be arranged in 1-scale for efficiency and 2-scale for accuracy, with the 1-scale RHWF already outperforming most of the previous methods. Source code is available at

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