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SeqTrack: Sequence to Sequence Learning for Visual Object Tracking

Xin Chen · Houwen Peng · Dong Wang · Huchuan Lu · Han Hu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 212


In this paper, we present a new sequence-to-sequence learning framework for visual tracking, dubbed SeqTrack. It casts visual tracking as a sequence generation problem, which predicts object bounding boxes in an autoregressive fashion. This is different from prior Siamese trackers and transformer trackers, which rely on designing complicated head networks, such as classification and regression heads. SeqTrack only adopts a simple encoder-decoder transformer architecture. The encoder extracts visual features with a bidirectional transformer, while the decoder generates a sequence of bounding box values autoregressively with a causal transformer. The loss function is a plain cross-entropy. Such a sequence learning paradigm not only simplifies tracking framework, but also achieves competitive performance on benchmarks. For instance, SeqTrack gets 72.5% AUC on LaSOT, establishing a new state-of-the-art performance. Code and models are available at

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