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Efficient Multimodal Fusion via Interactive Prompting

Yaowei Li · Ruijie Quan · Linchao Zhu · Yi Yang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 248


Large-scale pre-training has brought unimodal fields such as computer vision and natural language processing to a new era. Following this trend, the size of multimodal learning models constantly increases, leading to an urgent need to reduce the massive computational cost of fine-tuning these models for downstream tasks. In this paper, we propose an efficient and flexible multimodal fusion method, namely PMF, tailored for fusing unimodally pretrained transformers. Specifically, we first present a modular multimodal fusion framework that exhibits high flexibility and facilitates mutual interactions among different modalities. In addition, we disentangle vanilla prompts into three types in order to learn different optimizing objectives for multimodal learning. It is also worth noting that we propose to add prompt vectors only on the deep layers of the unimodal transformers, thus significantly reducing the training memory usage. Experiment results show that our proposed method achieves comparable performance to several other multimodal finetuning methods with less than 3% trainable parameters and up to 66% saving of training memory usage.

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